Don Cannon, the DJ who hosted the first two mixtapes of Lecrae’s Church Clothes series, said in January that Church Clothes 3 would “absolutely” happen — “maybe” by year’s end.

Lecrae’s label, Reach Records, has not announced a release date for any more projects in 2015. Reach put out five projects the previous year — Andy Mineo’s EP Never Land, KB’s EP 100, Tedashii’s LP Below Paradise, Lecrae’s LP Anomaly and Trip Lee’s LP Rise. The label has only dropped two in 2015, KB’s LP Tomorrow We Live and Andy Mineo’s LP Uncomfortable.

At Reach’s 2014 pace, it would likely squeeze at least one more release in by the end of the calendar year. That could be a project from Tedashii, who came out with a new single, “Be Me,” on Sept. 9. It may be too soon, but that could be a project from Mineo, who tweeted after he released Uncomfortable that he had some songs produced by Track or Die left over for “something special.”

Or that could be Church Clothes 3.

Earlier this year, B&H Publishing Group revealed that Lecrae’s next retail album will drop some time after it publishes his first book, Unashamed, on May 1, 2016.

This week, Reach told Rapzilla this week that it had no information to disclose about a new project from Lecrae. Since 2010, though, Lecrae has dropped at least one project a year. Not following Anomaly with new music until after May 1, 2016 would be a long hiatus as hip hop trends to more frequent releases (Drake and Future’s collaborative Sept. mixtape What A Time To Be Alive was Drake’s second and Future’s fourth projects this year).

Of course, if Church Clothes 3 doesn’t happen before his next album, Lecrae may have just be busy with other off-the-mic projects. Between now and the release of his book — next January, specifically — a documentary starring Lecrae, Unashamed World, is also scheduled to come out.