Christian rappers share their favorite childhood Halloween costumes

As you readied to dress up as a Christian rapper for Halloween this year, Rapzilla asked some of your favorite Christian rappers what their favorite Halloween costumes were growing up and why.

Tedashii: Superman with a bath towel as a cape (laughs). I loved it because if I were Superman, we could fly out of the hood and never go back. Plus, I could have heat vision (laughs).

KJ-52: Ninja, only because my dad made it, then it ripped in the butt, so I’d say maybe that’s the worst one and best.

Eshon Burgundy: Unfortunately, I could never afford one, bro (laughs), seriously! Me and my younger brothers would paint our faces with my mother’s make up and use grocery bags for our candy.

S.O.: I’m Nigerian. We don’t play Halloween.

Ezekiel: Never wore any costumes in my life (laughs). Bruh, my parents are Nigerian Christians. They don’t fool with it (laughs).

Corey Paul: Probably a zombie, man, because I was ahead of this game. This was WAY before Walking Dead! (laughs)

Serene: I dressed up as an evil Michael Jackson because, at the time, he had an album out called Thriller. … I had a week with curly hair — Jheri curl, the white socks with the loafers, the glittery blazer, all of that stuff.

Butta P: Aw man, the struggle was real. We made up costumes because we were broke. We took my mom’s makeup and painted our faces like clowns; road around the neighborhood in a shopping cart (yep, lived in the hood) and went door-to-door with clown faces and pillow cases on (laughs).

Street Hymns: During my childhood years, my family didn’t really have much money. So when it came down to doing projects and making costumes, we were encouraged to creatively find ways to build from what we already had. At the age of 12, I went to a friend’s costume party, and I was worried because I knew everyone there was gonna go all out, and I was left staring into my closet full of hopeful possibilities.

I ended up finding a straw hat, flooding overalls and then used some foil to make a silver grill for some of my teeth. So I went as the Black Hillbilly! I didn’t wear shoes and used a piece of straw for my mouth to compliment my hat! So despite everyone spending loads of money for costumes, I made my character come alive and ended up winning. Even though it was a minor victory, that moment in my life reminded me that you can do much with imagination and creativity, you can make much of little.

PyRexx: A vampire.

Levi Hinson: I was a gangster for Halloween once. That was probably my favorite.

Justword: I was a huge fan of Leo from the Ninja Turtles. He was a leader, and I really loved the duo sword swag (laughs).

Aaron Cole: SpongeBob! Because SpongeBob was an OG when I was younger!

Adrian Stresow: Sumo Wrestler. It had a little machine that blew air in the costume to make me look fat, and everybody wanted to take pictures with me that day.

Kaleb Mitchell: When I was in Kindergarten, everyone loved watching Bob the Builder on TV (myself included). So when Halloween came around, my mom got me a Bob the Builder costume with the tools and all, and I felt like the man.

Los: I have a twin sister, so everything was a collaborate effort. We did everything from Aladdin and Jasmine, matching clowns, and guy and girl vampires. However, my favorite was obviously Batman and Catwoman. Who doesn’t want to be batman? You truly haven’t experienced Halloween until you’ve dressed up as Batman.

Fedel: I was Allen Iverson because he is still my favorite athlete of all time. I still own the jersey.

Serge: My mom never let us celebrate Halloween because she always said it was the devil’s holiday (laughs).

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Written by David Daniels

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