Download Applejaxx’s new EP entitled Jesus High 3: McFly.


EP Bio:
DFRNT Co. presents Jesus High 3: McFly. Jesus High is a series about reaching a higher destination in life inspired by Jesus. October 2015 is the 30th Anniversary of the 80s classic: Back 2 The Future. The project’s creative design + music was inspired by the film. Applejaxx adds “We’re on the Jesus High just to balance out our lows.”

1. WWJD ft. Trini [Prod. By Kajmir Royale]
2. Jesus Famous ft. Ashley Merrell [Prod. by Oliver Grey]
3. 80 Floors ft. Massey X Adrian Stresow [Prod. by Vybe Beatz]
4. Insurgent ft. Granger [Prod. By Oliver Grey X Shindō]
5. Light Flow ft. Trini, Int’l Show, Kid Dreamz & Mr. Coldstone [Prod. By Oliver Grey]
6. Beaming ft. Jekob [Prod. By Oliver Grey]
7. Jesus All Day ft. Crossfire [Prod. By D – Flow]
8. All Christ Everything ft. Trini [Prod. by Kajmir Royale]

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