On Monday, Alex Faith announced the release date of his sophomore solo LP on Collision Records.

Bloodlines, Faith’s follow-up to his debut album ATLast, will drop on Oct. 30.

ATLast, which peaked at No. 193 on the Billboard 200, came out in Nov. 2013. Between now and then, Faith released a collaborative LP with Dre Murray called Southern Lights: Overexposed, which dropped this past April.

Alongside Faith’s Bloodlines announcement, he released a music video for the lead single of the project, “Freedom” featuring Courtney Orlando.

1. Lost (feat. Christian Lewis)
2. Freedom (feat. Courtney Orlando)
3. Dark Matters (feat. Adan Bean)
4. ClayCo (feat. J. Monty)
5. Bloodlines (Body Bag Interlude)
6. Never Let Me Down (feat. Joseph Solomon)
7. 95 Atlanta (feat. Corey Paul)
8. Pressure (feat. Justword)
9. Conversations (feat. Jocelyn Bowman)
10. Stillborn
11. Sins of My Youth

Pre-order Bloodlines on iTunes or Amazon.