Rapzilla Freshmen 2015 Album Details Revealed

Rapzilla selected 15 rising artists earlier this year, to highlight for the sixth annual Freshman class. Since 2010, Rapzilla’s staff has sought to identify talented artists without a major platform in order to grow the next generation.

On November 13th, Rapzilla is releasing a collaborative album of original songs by these artists produced exclusively by up-and-coming, San Diego based beat maker Wontel.

1. nobigdyl. – Tint
2. Joey Jewish – Mood Swing
3. J. Monty – Season’s Change
4. Lawren – Ask Me Who I Am
5. Tony Ri’chard – Riddlers Nirvana ft. Precious Parks & Mikey Elizabeth
6. Sam Ock – Hypocrite
7. HillaryJane – Reign On Me
8. Levi Hinson – Wake Up
9. Sam Stan – Cookies & Tea
10. Tres Carter – Goodbye
11. Oscar Urbina – Michael Myers
12. Jericho – Fly Away ft. Danny Boone
13. Davis Absolute – Glorify
14. Marz Ferrer – Take Me Away (Wontel Remix)

Pre-order on iTunes or Amazon now and get the six singles released instantly.

The project was mixed by Edy Magic for JahRock’n Productions and mastered by Kyren Monteiro at Engage Studios for JahRock’n Productions. Shout out to Sheeba Joseph for her Project Coordination.

Chad Horton

Written by Chad Horton

Chad Horton has been in the music business since 2000 with a focus on digital distribution, streaming, playlisting, and social media marketing. Chad is currently a Partnership Producer at hi5.agency working with clients such as Blizzard Entertainment, Google Pixel, and more. Chad also owns and operates Rapzilla.com. Originally from Northern California, Chad became a San Diego resident in 2004 where he currently resides with his wife and children.

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