Rapper Heesun Lee recently decided to leave her record label, In My City Records, and go independent. Rapzilla interviewed her about the decision and what lies next for her career.

Rapzilla: Why did you decide to go independent?

Heesun Lee: Me and my label were having creative differences, and it seemed best that we parted ways.

RZ: What were some contributing factors to your decision?

HL: I desired to get pregnant again, and that was a slight issue over time. I felt like I should be making music right now in order to have a stash ready for my pregnancy time, but I felt like, at the end of the day, music wasn’t getting made.

RZ: How would you compare life with a label to life as an independent artist?

HL: On a label, it’s a lot easier money wise because, when you’re signed, they provide a lot for you such as booking studios. Also on a label you have a lot of people on your team and more minds giving input creatively into the music creation process.

RZ: How would you describe the experience for you going independent?

HL: It’s the first time for me doing music on my own for the 10 years that I have been doing music. In the beginning, it was really overwhelming, but, over time, I began to realize that over the years I established myself as an artist, and I have people around to help me.

RZ: How would you like your music to sound now?

HL: I feel like in the past my sound was very “pop-ish.” I’m really into poetry and I like being in-depth with music, and I feel like I didn’t get to do that a lot on my last project. I want to do more inspiring, contemplative and heartfelt music.

RZ: What’s next for you?

HL: I calmed down on shows, and I’m focused on finishing my album. I want to work now so that by the time I do have my second kid, people will know I still have music on the way.

Rapzilla reached out to Chris Belmont, an In My City Records executive, for a statement on the move.

“I thank God for the time I had to support and represent HeeSun Lee,” Belmont said. “It’s been eight years since I met her in NYC, and we’ve accomplished things that, at the time in 2007, we could have never imagined. She’s performed for five people at one point and 17,000 people at another. We’ve come a long way, and in my time with her, I’m grateful for the opportunities that God afforded us.

“I wish her well in her new season of ministry. I truly mean that. My relationship with Heesun Lee and her husband, Tim, runs deep and is bigger than music.”