Joshua Dillard, known to Christian hip hop as JT of the Houston-based group Still Trill Christians, released his first book in August.

The back of the book, titled “The Power of Vision: See Your Way To Success By Focusing On The Unseen With Your Eyes Open,” promises to teach several lessons.

“Within this book you’ll learn the secret that every successful person knows,” it reads. “You’ll learn how to….

1. Awaken the sleeping giant in you called “VISION.”
2. Conquer Your Fears — It’s one thing to face, it’s another to conquer.
3. Escape the only thing that’s been holding you back, the comfortable middle life.”

The front of the book features a quote from President Barack Obama about Dillard:

“JT’s service creates real lasting change, and he demonstrates the kind of commitment it takes for each person to fulfill his or her potential and push America close to its great promise.”

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