Video: S.L.A.P. Battles Presents: Fatherhood vs. Deadbeat Dad (Omega Sparx vs. KamBINO)

Battle Rap meets Ministry? Bars and Punch Lines collide with Real Life Issues? Yes indeed. Welcome to SLAP, Showing Love Applying Pressure, the next evolution of battle rap. This is a concept battle rap league where MCs portray real life, hard-hitting issues through the medium of characterization.

And it doesn’t get much more real than the battle between Omega Sparx and KamBINO, playing Fatherhood vs. Deadbeat Dad aka “The Battle for the Next Generation”. On August 14, 2015, these two lyrical giants traded punches, schemes, concepts, and BARS as part of the “Bars Over Bridges” card in Pittsburgh, PA. This battle did not disappoint. Both brought the lyricism, creativity, and delivery they are known for in a heartfelt battle based around an issue that is near to both of their hearts.

“We (SLAP) are trailblazing a new era in Battle Rap and this battle proved that we are touching lives and healing hearts with our subject matters. Shout to KamBINO that played his role in excellence and craftiness. Together we painted a powerful picture” said Omega Sparx, who played the role of Fatherhood in the battle.

KamBINO recapped the battle and also shared a positive encounter from after it. “Most memorable moment for me came AFTER the battle was over and I had a conversation with the pastor of the church hosting the event. I thanked him for having the event and said it was dope that he “gets it”. He looked me in the eyes and said “No. I was behind Evan (3PFD) and kind of understood, but after watching your battle – NOW I get it. The way you guys painted a picture, I said to myself afterwards, this is the modern-day pulpit. It was powerful.” I’m happy to have played my part and that O brought heat to melt hearts and faces. Fatherhood is a subject very near to my heart and I believe near to the Father’s as well. I hope He uses it to plant, water, uproot and ultimately bring change. That’s what it’s all about.”

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