New urban pop group RJ4L has announced details about its upcoming EP, Limitless, which will be released this September.

RJ4L has collaborated with artists such as Deraj from Reflection Music Group, Melodie Joy and Benjah from Jahmen Music Group. The group has also worked alongside Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning writer/producer Justin “Sky” Boller and Benjamin Thom.

From the humble beginnings of recording out of a bedroom closet with a karaoke machine in 2007, RJ4L saw the realization of its dreams in 2013 while recording “Lost Soul” with Benjah. Their debut single and music video “Live It Up” introduced the new style of the Limitless EP.

RJ4L believes when you trust the Lord with everything inside of you, the possibilities of what He can do in and around you are unlimited. RJ4L wants everyone, regardless of who they are or where they are from, to be able to have access to this EP.

You can find both “Lost Soul” and “Live it Up” for free download at In Sept. 2015, fans will be able to support RJ4L by purchasing its EP Limitless on iTunes. The EP will also be available free of charge for download directly from the band’s official website and on Noisetrade.

Above is the cover art and below is the tracklist.

1. Live It Up
2. Loving My Life
3. Good Vibes
4. Never Walk Away (feat. Benjah)
5. Limitless
6. Lost Soul (feat. Benjah)
7. Drowning (feat. Deraj & Melodie Joy)