Nine-year-old Jamyla Bolden was doing schoolwork in her Ferguson, Missouri home last Tuesday night when someone fired a gun at her window, striking and killing her.

“I was heartbroken,” Thi’sl, who lives in St. Louis and has a daughter around Bolden’s age, told KSDK-TV. “And I just want these things that are happening in our community — the violence … this black-on-black … It’s so much of a norm, but when stuff like this happens, we can’t let this begin to be the normal.”

Thi’sl, who was heavily involved in an effort keep Ferguson as peaceful as possible after the Mike Brown tragedy last summer, took action again. Along with a local radio personality, Thi’sl helped organize a rally to honor Bolden and support the finding of her killer.

“When police involved shootings happen, our fight and our fuss is that we’re protecting our people,” Thi’sl said. “I just want to encourage our young black men, and our elders, and white men, and whoever — whoever lives in the community … these are the opportunities that we have to step up and protect our children.”

On Sunday, hundreds gathered in Ferguson for the rally.

Bolden’s death came just days after Thi’sl released his mixtape, Heavy is the Head, which he wrote much of in response to the tragedies in Ferguson, Baltimore and across America over the past year.

“We want to help bring back community base leadership,” Thi’sl told FOX 2 Now St. Louis.