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Free Album: Montell Fish – SomewhereintheForest/Reading The Bible

Download the new free album from 17-year-old artist Montell Fish entitled SomewhereintheForest/Reading The Bible.


Album Bio:
A year ago today I released an album about my life called My Friends Couch. Now today is another album about my life. Although a lot of things have changed now, travel with me through space to find out who I am and my purpose on this planet. And maybe even who you are, and why you were placed here. It has been a long journey since who I was, to who I am now. A long journey lead by God and I am still on this journey. Hope you guys enjoy, SomewhereintheForest/Reading The Bible.

1. Pink Love 2.0 (Prod. Montell Fish & Soy Sos)
2. Faking Love ft. Asaiah Ziv (Prod. Montell Fish & Soy Sos)
3. Heal Yo Pain (Prod. Ta-Ku)
4. Brakes (Prod. Montell Fish)
5. Middle Of It All (Prod. Montell Fish & Soy Sos)
6. Aliens in the Sky (Prod. Montell Fish & Soy Sos)
7. Missing Pieces ft. Imani Jai (Prod. Montell Fish)
8. The Day I First Met U (Prod. Montell Fish & Soy Sos)
9. ON2U ft. Imani Jai (Prod. Montell Fish)
10. Land of Zion (Prod. Montell Fish)
12. Armies (Prod. Tyler, The Creator)
13. End Of The Ocean (Prod. Montell Fish & Soy Sos)

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