John Givez announced more important details on Monday evening about Soul Rebel, his sophomore album on Kings Dream Entertainment.

Soul Rebel will be released on Friday, Aug. 28. Pre-order the project on iTunes. The album cover is above, and the tracklist with production credits is below.

Soul Rebel Tracklist
1. Intro(lude) (prod. by Jruckers)
2. Elementary Trill (prod. by Anthony Cruz & Ruslan)
3. 2004 (prod. by DJ Rek & Wontel)
4. Da Art of Story Tellin’ Pt. 5 (prod. by Jruckers & Lere)
5. Playaz Inheritance (prod. by Jruckers & Dav D)
6. Johnny Law (Green Light) (feat. Gracy Breslin) (prod. by Anthony Cruz)
7. AM/PM (feat. Beleaf) (prod. by Anthony Cruz)
8. A Playaz Change of Heart (feat. JGivens) (prod. by Jruckers & DJ Rek)
9. Chapter 29 (prod. by Jruckers & DJ Rek)
10. Sandman (Song) (feat. Ruslan) (prod. by DJ Rek & Kerry Marshall)
11. Ride 4 Me? (feat. Kiki) (prod. by DJ Rek & Anthony Cruz)
12. Generation (Y) (prod. by Major)
13. Will Not Be Televised (prod. by Jruckers & Lere)
14. Outro(lude) (prod. by Jruckers)
15. Rebel Credits (prod. by Anthony Cruz)

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