WORD, a group out of Germany, release new music video “ANDERS,” from their latest project Folge mir nach, Deutschland (Follow me, Germany), out now.


Part 1- Mirko:

We dont care ’bout the fame,
But that’s the game,
Listen, you gotta understand
This is a message, proclamation, gospel,
But People keep Walking around veneered, like they just came from a photoshoot
and ask theirselfes “what is good or bad?”,
and which of their Idols is the biggest,
Ok im out my friend,
cuz we get in the Zone with the holy Ghost my friend UHHH
Different path im on,
You ask me if i come to the Strip club? Naaah its ok tho,
Lemme tell u all we care about is YAHWEH and no vodka-absolute contests in Style of Kamikaze
I rap for People who dont know God,
And not about the women that i supposedly sleep with
Sickest Flow paired with real talk,
Step by step for Jesus, holy crip walk

We are different x3
We are different, homie!
We are different x3
We are different, yes!
Part 2- Myricle I:

Ey Mirko,
do you know what this song reminds me of?
(Mirko: no, what?)

Of the chosen people,
Peter says so,
I belong to them (2:9),
Ow, what?!
royal blood, holy relatives,
I am not from here, my home is somewhere different!
I’m not of this world, I’m just born in it,
newly chosen – ’cause of Jesus Christ, I’m not lost any more!
Sounds like gibberish to you, ’cause you don’t understand a word?
I don’t know which language is spoken here – I only speak “Truth”!
Rapping the truth, and that’s the only language,
while y’all just talking and rapping your bla bla blanguage,
I’m just saying “Jesus is the only – way”,
You’re refusing saying “no (-) way!”,
still thinking you could get a(-)way with that?!
I’ll still continue rapping bilingual, is kind of something different,
modern rap (modern talking), not like Thomas Anders,
I sing for my maker and the people wanna know which mode I use?
Huh, I just say “different“!


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