West Coast-based group #RPSMG, who released their widely popular debut project in September of last year, drop their newest EP, Until Next Time. Black Knight is scheduled to releases his sophomore album entitled BrandonP soon after.


1. Witness This ft. Black Knight, X-Ellentz, Mission, & K.Agee
2. Goin’ UP ft. Mission, K.Agee, Black Knight, & X-Ellentz
3. Sweet & Sour ft. Mission, X-Ellentz & Black Knight, K.Agee & JG
4. Our Way ft. Black Knight, X-Ellentz, Mission & K.Agee
5. Turn Around ft. Mission, Black Knight, & X-Ellentz
6. All Good ft. Mission, Black Knight, X-Ellentz, & K.Agee
7. OoWoop ft. K.Agee, Mission, Black Knight, & X-Ellentz
8. #RPSMG – The Night ft. Mission, K.Agee, X-Ellentz & Black Knight
9. Until Next Time ft. K.Agee, Mission, Black Knight, & X-Ellentz

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