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Meet KB and Natalie Lauren’s protégé: Joseph Solomon

Meet KB and Natalie Lauren’s protégé: Joseph Solomon

Some might know Joseph Solomon from his YouTube channel chaseGodtv, discussing relevant topics through the lens of the gospel, or as a poet featured at Passion 4 Christ Movement’s annual “Rhetoric” spoken-word event last year, but now he’s pursuing another avenue of expression.

Solomon is gearing to release an EP this fall. Behind the scenes, he’s been working with the A&R team of an up-and-coming artist’s dreams, KB and Natalie Lauren. The duo is not only producing Solomon’s forthcoming music but are “grooming” and advising him as an artist, he said.

With the help of his musical mentors, Solomon is crafting a sound authentic to him. He’s eclectic and likes hip hop and folk. His influences include John Mayer, Johnnyswim, Jimmy Needham and Josh Garrels.

He could go many routes, in terms of sound.

“Right now I’m not ready to pin myself down,” Solomon said. “I want to write worship songs, but also [songs] from the heart about love, gospel, friends or particular struggles.”

Two things that will definitely be incorporated in the music are hip hop and his guitar. But the music won’t be “full-on” acoustic, he said.

Six years ago, Solomon learned to play guitar by way of trial and error and YouTube videos. This summer, he’ll take his first real lessons. He also didn’t sing until he started playing.

Before chaseGodtv, Solomon made cover videos on another YouTube channel and Facebook. Some knew him as a singer before he started poetry.

Along with the teaching videos, chaseGodtv features music performance videos of himself and others. He’s covered Andy Mineo’s “You Will” with a friend, “Forgiven and Loved” by Jimmy Needham and “He Knows My Name,” originally performed by Tommy Walker.

Solomon was featured on Reconcile’s album Sacrifice. The collaboration was rather short notice. He was at the studio sleeping when Reconcile woke him up to ask if he’d sing on “Rise.”

“When I sang that line, I had been awake for maybe 10 to 15 minutes,” he said.

He’s developed friendships with Reconcile and Corey Paul. Prior to the production deal with KB and Lauren, Solomon would have been label mates with them.

“I was about to sign to Frontline as their first singer last year, but then KB jumped in and was like, ‘I would love to take you on as an artist,’” Solomon said.

KB is someone who Solomon has always loved as an artist, and he met Lauren last year at “Rhetoric.” He’s learned a lot from her during their time working together. Solomon called her a “genius” and “creative to the T.”

“In singing and writing music, she’s challenged me to think deeper in how I wanna communicate things,” he said.

Communicating things in different ways is something that Solomon has done for some time. He studied public speaking in college, has done stand-up comedy and books speaking engagements.

Not to mention, he started chaseGodtv in June of 2012. In the same week, he performed a spoken-word piece for the first time. Some of his poems can be found on chaseGodtv like, “A Shadow of A Doubt,” “Standing Tall” and “Worth the Wait.”

He also released a free poetry album, Honestly, available on Noisetrade.

Along with his fall EP release, Solomon plans to post more covers on chaseGodtv. He will also finish the final dates of The Freedom tour with Corey Paul Alex Faith, Reconcile, Json and DJ Overflow.

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