How rapper King David reacted when he recognized his absentee father among homeless while ministering

Christian hip-hop artist King David was feeding the homeless and preaching about Jesus when he suddenly spotted a familiar face in the crowd.

Among the homeless, he saw his father.

“It was shocking, totally surprising and I was scared,” David said. “I was nervous because it was a face that I hadn’t seen in years.”

The rapper feeds and clothes the homeless monthly with his rap group called Nothing Over God. This was the last place that he expected to run into a familiar face, though, let alone his father, who he hadn’t seen since his childhood. The absence of his father left David to grow up with constant questions in his heart: “Why did you decide to leave when I was born? … Why does everybody in our family get to have the same last name except for me?”

Despite this hurt, David publicly brought to light that his father was among the crowd of homeless standing before him.

“There was a fear of rejection present,” he said, “[but] if I didn’t say it then, I knew I wouldn’t have said anything.”

His father was shocked. However, he spoke up and acknowledged that he was indeed David’s father. And instead of speaking from a place of bitterness, David simply responded saying, “I love you, and I forgive you.”

“I believe that God allowed that situation to happen to show my father that [Jesus] loves him regardless of what happened in the past,” David said. “I didn’t deserve God’s love. I didn’t deserve his mercy. I didn’t deserve his grace, but that’s how much he loved me — that when I was yet a sinner, Christ died for me.

“When Christ is in you, love is now inside of you, so you have no choice but to walk in love and to walk in forgiveness, even when you don’t want to sometimes,” David said. “If God could love me in spite of all my sin, then I have no problem showing love towards anybody that could possibly hate me or do wrong to me.”

David’s genuine love for God and forgiving heart has also impacted his friends, he said.

“My friends and family are some of my biggest supporters of my music because they know the lifestyle I used to live,” David said, “and they know that, with the new life I’m living now, it wouldn’t be possible without anybody but God.”

King David recently released an EP titled Christ Over Everything Vol. 2, which features F.E.R.N. of Social Club, Surf Gvng, Nak Daniels, Rey King and Rev Mizz.

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