Day 2 Legacy Conference recap

As yesterday came a close, so did the numerous concerts, workshops and showcases offered on day two of the Legacy Conference 2015 at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Here is another brief synopsis of the events that took place.

Pastor John Onwuchekwa spoke at the morning general session and shed light on the church’s tendency to become too comfortable in the “war zone” that we live in on this earth. He addressed how many Christians nowadays “treat prayer like a lottery ticket,” lowering our confidence in God to shield us from what the world throws at us, and emphasized the fact that God is our protector and, by resting in that fact, we can learn how to properly engage people for Christ in our time on earth.

As the general sessions wrapped up, all attendees once again dispersed to the workshop of their choice. For this session, one of the more prominent Christian hip-hop artists to run a workshop was S.O., teaching about the superiority of Christ over all things. The class was a part of the new believers track, designed to mentor young believers as they set off on the journey of their new faith.

S.O. focused on the passage of John 4, the story of the Samaritan woman, ultimately addressing the question of why humans pursue material things outside of Jesus. The example was used to focus the attendees on the fact that to truly “know the Son is to see him properly.”

As all the workshops convened, lunch time began and so did yet another concert at the plaza of the Moody Bible Institute. This show featured J. Han, Sam Ock, Angie Rose and AMP. J. Han opened up the show, performing two songs off his debut album, Ivory Tower, ending his set with feel good track “Belong.” Sam Ock was next to take the stage and quickly changed the mood with his old school, calmer style of music. Ock performed the songs “Something Divine” and “Got a Love,” the latter track coming from his most recent project, Grey.

Following the uplifting performance given by Ock, Angie Rose began to astound the audience with her smooth flow and bars. Rose brought a fresh energy to the show, despite being majorly hindered by a knee injury. To finish off the show, the Korean-­American trio AMP uplifted the crowd with the two encouraging tracks “Better” and “People’s Song,” making enough noise to be heard from blocks away.

Lunch soon came to a close, leaving attendees to choose a workshop for the last time at Legacy 2015. One workshop that was packed to capacity was a session regarding art and its function within the church taught by JGivens, featuring special guests Ruslan and Catalina Bellizzi. The group spent the first portion of the workshop defining the different types of art that exist, explaining their functions as well as giving examples of each category.

Following this portion of the session, JGivens then proceeded to host a discussion regarding the way that the church can utilize each type of art for the purpose of furthering the kingdom of God, but strongly emphasized the importance of not letting art trump Biblical submission. Ruslan then proceeded to explain how art has played a role in helping his local church, ending the session with a time for questions.

After attendees left their final workshop, dinner was served and many were given the opportunity to attend a rap showcase held at the Alumni Auditorium. Similar to the poetry slam the first day of the conference, all participating artists submitted a video earlier in the year and were selected to participate in the showcase previous to the conference. The winner of the showcase would move on to perform on the stage today at Legacy Fest 2015 among names such as KB, Thi’sl, and JGivens.

All six artists performed in front a judge panel consisting of Natalie Lauren, Odd Thomas and Json, which provided critique following each performance. Although most artists chose to use slower, more contemplative songs for their performance, it was ultimately the anthem “Obi Wan Kenobi” by Ki’Shon Furlow that impressed the judges the most, earning him a spot on the prestigious Legacy Fest line up.

All attendees then filed into the main auditorium for the final general session with a message delivered by renowned pastor Thabiti Anyabwile. The sermon focused on John 17:20-­26, the Savior’s prayer, where Anyabwile talked about the central theme of glory throughout the passage. He elaborated upon the subject by looking in to the exchange of glory between God the Father and Jesus the Son of God, and how this process proves the fact that the two are one. He then went on how to explain that believers are a theater to the demonstration of God’s glory and how we have a responsibility to live with the sole purpose of continually bringing him glory.

Following the message, the Legacy Conference issued the first ever Legacy Award to late Christian hip-hop pioneer D­-Boy, who was murdered in 1990 after his inner-city ministry made an invaluable impact in Dallas. The family of D­-Boy accepted the award on his behalf, and the Legacy Administration informed the attendees that the award has the potential to be awarded annually from this point forward.

After this emotional display, the attendees crowded in for the Wade-­O Radio Mix Show featuring KB, Dream Junkies, J. Givens, Thi’sl and many more. A large amount of energy pulsed through the crowd for the entirety of the concert with back to back exciting performances from a wide range of collaborations of the artist that were in attendance of the conference. Some of the more exciting points in the show was a performance of the song “Same Team” featuring Jackie Hill Perry, John Givez and J. Givens, as well as KB’s performance of “I Believe,” in which he dumped a water bottle on one unsuspecting fan.

The crowd left hot, sweaty, and tired from the series of high energy performances, ready for what today’s Legacy Fest might hold. Check back tomorrow for another recap of the many happenings at Legacy Fest 2015, with performances from many of the same artists featured yesterday and more.

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