German group Capo Di Capi releases new music video, “Fürchte Dich Nicht (Do Not Be Afraid),” from their upcoming album DreiVierDrei (Three Four Three).

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Part 1- Rob:
There is a busy day in front of you
The alarm clock is your kick-off
You are sleepless at night
restless at day
You chase off but you fall behind
overstrained and discouraged is your current status
You have to pay your bills, but no money in the bank
The to-do-list is long
But you can’t complete them all
Brother, you care too much about the opinions of others
That is why you are intimidated and you fear to fail
But trust me – blessed are the works of your hands
No matter how it seems – everything will be fine in the end
You will overcome all, because you are a conquerer
A warrior, a winner, a champion
Keep your happiness, don’t despond
Keep your head up, keep your confidence
You are blessed from head to toe
You will beat Goliath, our God is good.

Braveness in our chest, fire in our heart
His blood upon us, his word is our sword
Braveness in our chest, fire in our heart
His blood upon us, his word is our sword
Have no fear – to find freedom
I have to overcome the walls of fear, with his strength
When the night is darkest
The day is not far away, not far away

Have no fear, I will not let you alone
Have no fear, I am with you all the time

Part 2 – Kriz:
Crazy – is what comes to my mind
When I see what is happening in the world
And it is no game on your Playstation. That is real
Dirty, but not like the dancing of Swayze and Baby
No, it scares us
You know what I mean, I don’t need to go into details
I am on the mic, spitting this rhymes
With my bros and tell you about J.C.
Because his words matters
Bringing peace to our hearts when fear ails us
And he says: Have no fear!
Remain connected with him and he will lead you to the light
No matter how dark it is right now
No matter how cold, stormy and unpleasant it is
Your faith is more precious than gold
Wearing it with pride, walking with heads held high