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EP Bio:
We are a production team 3 Kings consisting of producers: A.G. from Corpus Christi, Texas, Iggy from San Antonio, Texas & Santhosh Beats from Toronto, Canada. The name 3 Kings comes from the, “3 wise men” or “3 kings” who were not stars in the Bible but followed The Star and used their gifts to glorify the Lord. We officially formed as a team January 1, 2015, but we also work & produce as individual producers as well.

Our goal with this tape was simply try to define our sound as a collective & to capture where we all 3 are at creatively at this moment in time, and to do it to the best of our ability as a free gift to artists and hip-hop fans in general.

1. Cloudy
2. You’ll See
3. Taxi
4. Hope
5. Steheez
6. Falling
7. Wonder

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