26 Christian Hip-Hop and Gospel artists from 10 different African countries come together for a free EP entitled We Are One Africa. The project is a push for African unity given the recent attacks in Kenya and the Xenophophia in South Africa.


1. Intro ft. Magnifire (Prod. by Stone)
2. Black or White ft. Black Nubon, Jo-z Jay, Abel Chungu Musuka & Courtney Antipas (Prod. by gEO)
3. One Africa ft. Kris, Prychi, S.A.M.U.E.L., Ruyonga, Phemy, G-Stana, Mano Juvane & Mr. Malcolm (Prod. by Dali Msosa)
4. Save Our Land ft. C-Scripture, Fizzikal, D.M.Y., Elandre, Landmarq, Sobre & Carmine (Prod. by S.A.M.U.E.L.)
5. Christophobia ft. David Kalilani, Ruyonga, Landmarq (Prod. by Mag44)
6. Outro: We Are One ft. Jesse (Prod. by Stone)