Northern California-based group #RPSMG, who released their widely popular debut project in September of last year, are set to drop a new EP entittled Until Next Time on July 4, 2015. Check out the tracklisting below.

1. Witness This ft. Black Knight, X-Ellentz, Mission, & K.Agee
2. Goin’ UP ft. Mission, K.Agee, Black Knight, & X-Ellentz
3. Sweet & Sour ft. Mission, X-Ellentz & Black Knight & K.Agee
4. Our Way ft. Black Knight, X-Ellentz, Mission & K.Agee
5. Turn Around ft. Mission, Black Knight, & X-Ellentz
6. All Good ft. Mission, Black Knight, X-Ellentz, & K.Agee
7. OoWoop ft. K.Agee, Mission, Black Knight, & X-Ellentz
8. Until Next Time ft. K.Agee, Mission, Black Knight, & X-Ellentz

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