Kanye West designed the cover of the next book by pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. of Trinity Church in Miami, where Christian hip-hop artist Marty of Social Club attends and Cheno Lyfe also pastors.

“I know Kanye as my friend; we talk about Jesus,” Wilkerson told People. “And that’s the whole point: God doesn’t care about scandals; he cares about people. So it makes sense for Kanye to design the book cover. It makes a statement.”

Wilkerson’s book will be titled Sandcastle Kings.

“It uses a passage in Luke to talk about faith and Jesus,” he said, “and how there are things — self, others, religion and the world — that can get in the way of your faith.”

Wilkerson was the pastor who married Kanye and Kim Kardashian last year.

Kanye is a really good friend,” Wilkerson told People. “We chat every week about different things: clothes, design, music, architecture, Jesus. He’s an amazing artist and designer, and with my first book coming out, I thought it would be fun for him to design the cover … I asked him if he wanted to do it, and he was all about it. He was really enthusiastic.”