Tusla, Oklahoma artist Jarry Manna, who put out his debut EP The Elevator exclusively with Rapzilla.com, will also release his debut LP UGLY ALBUM here exclusively.

UGLY ALBUM will be available for free download on June 20, 2015.

Album Bio:
“UGLY ALBUM” is a trip through Jarry’s thoughts, feeling and convictions — all wrapped in the form of a dream. The album is sectioned into four chapters. Chapter 1, “Family,” talks about dealing with his present and future family life. Chapter 2, “Conviction,” reveals the conflict between his spirit and flesh from events in the past. In Chapter 3, “Young Believer,” Jarry shows where he currently resides as an artist and husband, while also displaying his love for Christ through a more turnt/fun experience. Chapter 4, “Truth,” the final chapter (where Jarry is awake), is a time when he gives his listeners his heart. He’s able to speak from what he has seen in past experiences, while also touching on current situations he’s been exposed to as of late.

1. Ugly Intro
2. Bed Time
3. Prettiest Girl
4. The Ponder ft. nobigdyl
5. Coming Down
6. Limbo
7. Reality Interlude
8. Un-Shamed
9. On That
10. Gotta Pay ft. QTheStudent
11. Flipidy
12. Again
13. Lauryn Hill
14. Awesome Outro

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