Toronto-based hip-hop artist Dru Bex recently released his Role Model Records debut project Imperfect Messenger, a seven-track EP featuring Dre Murray, Shopé and more.

Here is an interview with Bex about the project.

Rapzilla: Who is an imperfect messenger?

Dru Bex: As believers, all are called to preach the gospel. At times, we all may feel inadequate, like Moses. Moses made excuses, but Exodus 4:10-12. But God responded “who has made mouths? Is it not I, the Lord?” We are all imperfect. But that’s okay. God says there is no excuse, though. He knows who and what we are. He knows our flaws. We’re all messengers.

RZ: How long had you been planning this project?

Bex: I actually started out with a completely different idea. Originally, I wanted to do full album, but that’ll come out soon hopefully. The guys at Role Model decided that my first project should just be an EP to get my name out and just to create something together.

We just wanted to create something together and build on that. Most of the songs on the EP were from the recording of my album. As we decided to cut it down to an EP, I saw that we had a common theme here with the imperfection of Christians and people. We really just ran with that for Imperfect Messenger.

RZ: What was the inspiration behind the artwork?

Bex: We wanted to do a side profile, a picture of my face with some imperfections and blemishes. The theme of messages and Scriptures in the background was a touch that felt appropriate artistically. We also misspelled imperfect at the top to really drive that point home.

RZ: How does this EP differ sonically from your previous works?

Bex: Last project, I was still trying to find my sound. I’ve been doing more singing and wanted to tighten up my flow. The singing thing has always been an interest of mine. I love singing, and I was really excited to incorporate that into this project. A lot of really successful and talented rappers are starting to get into singing a bit more, and I figured now is as good a time as ever to really get into it.

The production has been better. I’ve paid more attention to production and mixing. I’ve been creating a sound that matches what really works well with me. I’m looking to build off this album sonically, and continue to find a sound that really matches my strengths and growth as an artist.

RZ: How was your experience working with Role Model Records?

Bex: It’s been going good. Seen these guys doing their thing, and they saw me doing mine. It was taking its toll on me, being solo and having to take care of everything. Having the backing of a label has really been helpful. Doing everything alone was really tough after a while. I’m all about doing me and doing my thing my way, but having a label like Role Model Records has still encouraged this behavior, but with the help and backing of a label. It’s been a good match.

RZ: What can we expect in the future?

Bex: A full album soon. My label mates have been dropping some, and I’ll be there soon. Like I said earlier, we had been pretty far along on the album before we changed direction. I’m excited to get back to working on it, but in the meantime I hope people enjoy the EP. Can’t wait to get the album out.

Buy Imperfect Messenger on iTunes or Amazon.