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Will Gotee Records Get Back into Hip-Hop with John Reuben?

Will Gotee Records Get Back into Hip-Hop with John Reuben?

Former Gotee Rapper John Reuben is Back, This Time He’s In Charge

Today, it was announced that the newly-formed Zealot Networks has acquired the Nashville-based Gotee Records — founded by TobyMac, Todd Collins and Joey Elwood — which recently just celebrated the second decade of operation.

Zealot Networks was co-founded by Danny Zappin, who also serves as the organization’s current CEO. You may recognize his name, as the co-founder and former CEO of Maker Studios, which was acquired by Disney in 2014 for an astonishing $950 million.

For longtime fans of music made by Christians, the name Zappin may sound familiar for different reasons.

Before Danny was buying and selling companies for nearly $1 billion, he was being raised by Kathy Zappin, who handled the United States operations for the Australian-based, death metal band Mortification. She later launched her own record label, Resonation Frequency.

Zappin contributions didn’t stop there, though. Under the name Zappin Productions, Danny Zappin started directing music videos and shorts for artists such as Pigeon John and his brother John Reuben.

That’s right, John Zappin, the executive who was an integral part of the growth of Maker Studios by overseeing the music initiatives between 2011-2014, is the artist formerly known as John Reuben, who had quite an impressive rap career throughout the 2000s while signed to Gotee Records.

So, that’s what John Reuben has been dippity-doin’!

According to that same press release, John will be in charge of the Nashville office of Zealot Networks to oversee content development and new business opportunities. This begs the question, will Gotee be encouraged to step back into hip-hop, where it achieved much of its early success? Its current roster includes Capital Kings, Jamie Grace, Ryan Stevenson, Finding Favour and Morgan Harper Nichols.

That’s the cypher circle of life, y’all!


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