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Christian hip-hop artists select which Avenger they would be and why

Christian hip-hop artists select which Avenger they would be and why

As some of you many know, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” comes out today. For those of you who have been living under a rock, let me call up the Hulk really quick so he can pull you out from there.

Much like the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, we have assembled some of the world’s mightiest artists in Christian hip hop and asked them which Avenger they would be and why. Here’s what they said.

Thi’sl: Easy, the Hulk, because he a genius doctor that turns to a monster when he gets angry. But he keeps that anger under control because he doesn’t like being a monster. It was my transition to my new life in Christ. The monster is subdued, but, for the greater good, I still turn green — joking, but for real (laughs).

Derek Minor: I would be Iron Man because he’s unpredictable. He makes his own way and he’s a leader. Although he’s not perfect, he gives it his all. He also has a ton of money and resources. I’d be the hulk because he smashes. I’d be Captain America because he’s the peak physical performance of a man. He’s noble and fights to do what’s right regardless of the cost. There’s three.

Marty of Social Club: Probably Spider-Man because I was bit by a spider as a kid.

KB: Iron man. I just want his wittiness.

HillaryJane: I choose the Hulk because he’s passionate and unpredictable, like me. You never know when I’m gonna kill something. (Laughs) I’m mellow until I just pop outta nowhere and kill it.

J. monty: Iron man … all day, every day. He doesn’t have a superpower. There’s an element of realism to his brand. If there’s an Avenger whose achievements could ever be attainable, it’s Iron Man’s. Also, underneath the suit, he’s Tony Stark. His greatest ability isn’t shooting bolts from his hands or flying across the Pacific Oceans in 10 seconds flat. It’s being able to escape the delusive reality of Iron Man and just be the person he was born to be. I can identify. As an artist, people place unrealistic expectations on you. They forget that you’re human. If you stay in the “suit” too long, you’ll forget as well. It’s always good to be able to escape from that false reality, humble yourself before the Lord and remember that underneath it all you’re just another regular guy. Iron Man, that’s my boy!

Reconcile: The Hulk: Because he has the best turn up!

JGivens: Spider-Man. He’s a science genius. He’s fly on every exam. He’s fly on Instagram. Uncle Ben. With great power comes great responsibility.

Applejaxx: Iron Man because he can build cool gadgets, cooks with pepper pots (laughs), has inventive genius swag and is an engineer that’s open to check his pride in order to build a great team.

Jackie Hill-Perry: I hate superhero movies.

Marz Ferrer: Hmm, I would be the Hulk. I’m a very chill person until I’m mad. I don’t fight with my words, but I do know how to fight, and my favorite color is green.

Brother 3: The Human Torch: Reason being, the Human Torch was someone who couldn’t control his fire at first and later gained control after many battles. Post-gaining control, he was offered to use his power for fortune and fame, which he rejected and used it for good. In my life, my gift has always been identified as fire, but with a bunch of pride, I couldn’t control myself and felt I was better than any and everyone. Through trial and error (being drawn by the Lord), I humbled myself and now use my fire to glorify God (laughs) — hope this wasn’t too deep.

Skrip: Iron Man, I’ve always loved how he had the resources to make things happen. He was a man who knew business and wanted to make a difference. Also, he’s half Mexican, and although I’m Puerto Rican, I love Mexicans and Mexican food.

V. Rose: I would be Black Widow, of course! aka Natasha Romanoff. I choose her because I like her somewhat silent, sarcastic personality along with her flawlessly confident martial artist skills. I’ve always thought being a spy was cool.

B-Doe: If I could pick an Avenger, it would be Iron Man easily. I love the thought of being able to build something from the bottom up. Yes, Iron Man had a wealthy dad, but he learned so much without him. He created some of the best inventions known to man (in their fictional world, of course). Tony Stark is a genius. In the same way I’m “building” my own brand and working hard to push what I love in hip hop. Oh, and to have that suit wouldn’t be bad either (laughs).

Dee-1: (Laughs) Man, I grew up in the hood. I don’t know who The Avengers are, honestly.

Decipha: Tony Stark of course: genius, cunning, always learning. Plus, I favor the guys with no powers, which is why Batman is the greatest.

Stephen the Levite: Iron Man. He’s a genius. He’s like the Batman of the Avengers. And I was a big Ghostface fan.

Lawren: Spider-Man because he’s quick, agile and sarcastic. And he’s supposed to be an Avenger.

Ezekiel: None! As far as strength, I’d be the Hulk. I could carry the other Avengers on my back and go to work. As far as looks! I’d say Thor. Dude looks epic at all times and he has powers of the gods … Come on!

Cho’zyn Boy: I’d have to go with Hawkeye. He’s always sorta been seen as the underdog in terms of the other Avengers. I can relate. He’s also more of the mysterious and introverted of the Avengers. I can totally relate. He’s also one of the Avengers who can be seen as a hard worker, considering he wasn’t given “superpowers.” He simply devoted to crafting his skill to perfection. And, well, I’m perfect! (Laughs) joking.

Which Avenger would you be and why?


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