Five Lecrae songs were played in a Louisville strip club last month. At a stop on The Anomaly Tour, Lecrae reacts to this news and shares some of his own — his music had been played in a strip club before.

“Round of Applause is a song that I’ve heard was used in a strip club as well — I’ve heard,” Lecrae said. “I have never witnessed it personally.”

This is the third verse of “Round of Applause,” according to Rap Genius.

Now she used to strip at Onyx /
Working her way through college /
Tryna put food in her son’s mouth /
On a pole for them dollars /
She was looking for some solace /
Told the Lord, I promise… I’m heading to the hills with my heels on /
Where the feels ain’t a touch to the billfolds /
No copping feels from no Uncle Phil’s, just Phil Jackson coach her /
And get her out that game where they losing they dignity for a Coach purse /
No skirts just “skrr,” found another way around a real worth /
And left that fine establishment /
It’s like her whole life is having a growth spurt /
She out the game and they hate it, mad at her she made it /
They ain’t nothing but some shellfish in a bucket /
Probably get crabs if you touch it /
Now she graduated from college — scratch that — graduated with honors /
Little man got a little cap and gown, look at him matching his mama, yeah!