KB told Rapzilla.com about the concept and inspiration behind his upcoming album Tomorrow We Live this past weekend at the gospel music festival Open House in Trinidad.

In the artist’s studies of persecution in different eras, he discovered a hope that consistently defied seemingly dreadful circumstances.

“I seen these African American slaves who were living under the oppression of another man,” KB said. “They were being owned by humans. Humans are owning humans. There’s not much that’s more discouraging than that. Yet in that great depression, they raised families. They had holidays. They celebrated. They were still festive. They begin to build some sort of infrastructure inside this oppressive vault, and I think, ‘Where do you get the wherewithal to continue moving in that?’

“I get discouraged when the line’s too long at Chipotle. How do you stay excited and joyful in that sort of reality? Going back to my studies in school with the early church and these people being crucified and beaten and burned at the stake regularly, and, within that, the Bible says that they would often count it joy that they got the opportunity to suffer for Christ. Where does this type of endurance come from?”

KB answers this question, which plays a major role in Tomorrow We Live.

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