On one leg, Canon performed in Trinidad this weekend for the first time since he fell 40 feet and suffered a shattered ankle, broken jaw and concussion.

On Dec. 20, Canon had attempted to rescue a driver who wrecked his car on the side of the road in Clarksville, Tennessee. But the disoriented driver twisted the ignition key, ejecting gas from the vehicle and sending Canon fleeing for safety. Canon, his vision impaired by the night, leaped over a railing and landed 40 feet later on to a creek bed.

His injuries required surgery and his jaw to be wired shut, and he remained hospitalized through the holiday season.

Nearly four months following the accident, as his Reflection Music Group label mate Derek Minor readied to perform Canon’s song “Loud Music” in Trinidad at the gospel music festival Open House, two men carried Canon on their shoulders out on to the stage. He later hopped on one leg alongside KB to perform “Paganini,” Andy Mineo’s song on which both artists are featured.

The Leaf-Chronicle reported in December that Canon had fallen 20 feet, but he told Rapzilla.com in Trinidad that the ravine he plunged into was twice as deep.

In addition to the stage, Canon has also returned to the studio to record new music.