B.Cooper has announced that his song “We On” will be featured in an upcoming Universal Studios teen slasher film called Unfriended.

This is the R-rated film’s premise, according to IMDB: “A group of online chat room friends find themselves haunted by a mysterious, supernatural force using the account of their dead friend.” The film has developed a major buzz on Vine and YouTube, thanks to a major marketing campaign that utilized many of the social media platform’s top users.

“I am excited that the song got a placement. I have never seen the movie, but it’s exciting to know that it will be all over the world this weekend!” the Reflection Music Group artist said. “It is an adult movie, so I definitely wouldn’t advise younger people to go see it, but they can hear “We On,” produced by Dirty Rice, on my album Cashier of the Month.”

Unfriended releases in theaters worldwide tomorrow (April 17th).

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