Social Club reiterated on Wednesday why it is the best, announcing the release of its first country album, Y’all.

“I rode a pony for the first time outside Derek Minor’s house before we shot ‘Party People,’” Marty said. “That’s why I was so excited in the video. One night in the shower, I just thought, ‘I need to recreate that same excitement in the studio, and the only way is to get back on a pony.’”

As a result, Social Club will record Y’all on a farm in Miami. It scouted several petting zoos, but lambs would routinely begin to grow annoyed that F.E.R.N.’s beard got more action than them.

Social Club, while open to other genres of music, felt country would be the only sweet music that it could authentically make on a farm.

“Pause,” F.E.R.N. said.

They just released US, but Marty and F.E.R.N. plan to postpone their solo albums, record Y’all in a week and drop it on April 13.

“That’s Thomas Jefferson’s birthday,” Marty said. “I think he lived on a farm.”

Here is the official album cover for Y’all, created by Roman Flores.

And here is the tracklisting.

1. I Woke Up In A New Tractor ft. nobigdyl.
2. Cows Need Milk Too
3. At The End Of The Day
4. Beards On Farms ft. Hank Williams, Jr.
5. Beets Over Beats ft. Garth Brooks
6. Manure Maneuvers
7. Hay! Hey! Aye! ft. Gaither Vocal Band
8. Mary Had A Little Misfit ft. Carrie Underwood
9. Awkward, Pt. 3 ft. Taylor Swift
10. April
11. Fools
12. Y’all