Collision Records’ critically-acclaimed collaborative effort WLAK (We Live As Kings) will have a sequel, according to the owner of the label.

On Tuesday, a Rapzilla reader asked on Alex Faith and Dre Murray’s latest music video, “City of Nightmares II,” whether or not WLAK still existed post-Christon Gray.

“Yes, WLAK is a mantra to live as Christ, not a group,” Collision CEO Adam Thomason replied. “We are planning to drop a project at the end of the year, WLAK 2: The King’s Speech or The King’s Speak.”

Collision released WLAK in March of 2013. It found much success on Billboard, charting No. 1 among Gospel Albums, No. 6 among Christian albums, No. 7 among Rap Albums and No. 81 among all projects.

This March, the label signed its newest artist, Corey Paul.