Double Edge Ministries’ rapper Buck Barnabas understands the importance of his ministry beyond music, and this theme plays heavily into his new EP Streetlights in Egypt.

Track No. 5 on the project, “#I’m Workin” featuring F.E.R.N. of Social Club, is evidence of this.

F.E.R.N. and Buck Barnabas have a pretty close relationship dating back to 2011. When F.E.R.N. came home from prison, Buck mentored him as he returned to music.

“When I was a young pup getting into it, he would take the time to mentor me and talk on the phone for hours,” F.E.R.N. said.

In Buck, F.E.R.N. found someone who had the same end-goal to reach people with hip-hop. Buck helped F.E.R.N. in this journey by showing him what it looks like to be a light in the streets with music.

“I thank God for Buck Barnabas,” F.E.R.N. said.

After spending time on the streets, Buck came to Christ and realized that his heart is for those same streets. His goal in this ministry is to be visible — and not just when things go wrong. He aims to be intentional with conversations about Jesus in his neighborhood and build relationships to get involved in the lives of those around him.

As a result, he spends much of his time involved in outreach events, often providing education about violence and drugs. The more time he spends on the streets, the more he is reminded of his purpose in life.

“I want people to know they don’t have to be afraid to be Christians,” Buck said. “Even if we face death, we have a greater reward than this life.”

Buck appreciates that God has blessed him with an ability to make music, but he realizes that, more importantly, his responsibility is “to take Jesus to the streets and to be a light.”

“It’s not the way the music is going to affect my life, but it’s the way my lifestyle affects the music,” he said. “In turn, the music will affect other people’s lives.”

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