Songs about dope, dope, dope, dope, dope are getting extra radio play today on the marijuana-celebration holiday of 420.

Unlike broader hip hop, weed-themed songs are not incredibly common in Christian hip hop. Here are three that stand out, though.

1. Lecrae – Blow Your High feat. Canon

“Blow Your High” is track No. 5 on Lecrae’s fifth studio album, Rehab: The Overdose. It was also one of the first Lecrae songs produced by Street Symphony.

2. Thi’sl – My Radio On Drugs

On track No. 8 of his album Beautiful Monster, “My Radio on Drugs,” which Street Symphony also produced, Thi’sl commentates on the theme of marijuana in music not just on 420, but throughout the year.

3. Calvin Martyr – Smokin’ Ganja

The most recent song on this list, “Smokin’ Ganja” is track No. 8 on Calvin Martyr’s 2015 release Culture War, which can be downloaded for free here.

Bonus: Jackie Hill – A Poem About Weed

Pre-Humble Beast Jackie Hill performed this spoken-word piece about marijuana that became one of her most well-known poems.

What others songs could have made this list?