Andy Mineo’s next album has what Christian hip-hop music today lacks, his rap coach Ray Rock told

“The main thing every Christian hip-hop album is missing is that authentic hip-hop sound with samples,” Ray Rock said.

Mineo’s sophomore album is expected to be Reach Records’ next release after KB’s LP Tomorrow We Live, which dropped on Tuesday. To executive produce the project, Mineo teamed up with super producer Illmind, who over the past few years has produced tracks for J. Cole, G.O.O.D. Music and 50 Cent. Illmind provided the samples that will make the album stand out, Ray Rock claimed.

“A Christian hip-hop album usually sounds more digital,” he said. “This album sounds more authentic because of the sample feel.”

Ray Rock compared the sound of Mineo’s next project to Kanye West’s Late Registration, which won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in 2006, except “it’s like Andy’s better version of Late Registration.” He added that, lyrically, the album will give J. Cole’s critically-acclaimed December release 2014 Forest Hills Drive “a run for its money.”

Mineo’s album is two years in the making, Ray Rock explained, as his EP Never Land was initially intended to be an LP, leaving him quite a few songs in the arsenal. This extra time to polish his music helped Mineo meet his sky-high expectations, Ray Rock said.