Grammy Award-winning rapper Drake sold 495,000 copies of his mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late in February, and fellow Canadian rapper Promise still has an unreleased joint mixtape with Drake just lying around on his hard drive.

“Everything I have is going to come out at some point,” Promise told at SXSW 2015. “It’s just timing. It’s never been the right time. You know, when I was going to leak it, I signed with Duck Down. And then I started working on the Duck Down record, and I got all these features with those guys … that still [have] to come out.”

Promise explained that he met Drake through the Canadian teen television drama “Degrassi,” on which both acted. They collaborated musically several times early in Drake’s career, in addition to the unreleased mixtape.

“People didn’t take him seriously at first because he was a teen TV star,” Promise said, “but all those people jumped on board as soon as he got the [Lil] Wayne cosign.”