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SPEC’s New Album Details Revealed


California-based artist, writer, and producer SPEC has revealed details about his debut retail album.

On May 19, SPEC will drop Vacancy, the follow-up to the free project Trax, Christ & Videotape Vol. 1: Video Tape that he released in 2013.

Here is the project’s tracklisting:

1. Terms (Intro)
2. Terms & Conditions
3. Heirborn ft. Yung Lyfe
4. Conditions (Reprise)
5. Put Em On ft. Alex Faith, 5ive, J Carter
6. SMH ft. Flame
7. Don’t You Know (Que Tu Sabes) ft. V.Rose
8. Buckingham Palace ft. KJ-52, Beleaf of Dream Junkies, Je’ Kob
9. Trusay ft. JG, Yung Lyfe
10. Johnny Cochran ft. Dre Murray, Yung Lyfe, J Drastic
11. Game of Thrones (Made for It)
12. So Surreal
13. Shine Down
14. Love Me x Love Me Not ft. Chrissylane

Bonus Tracks:
15. 20th Century Fox ft. V.Rose
16. Never Going Back ft. Black Knight
17. Kel Mitchell ft. Asia Lee & Kel Mitchell

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