Social Club just released an LP this week, and the group told that US won’t be its last new project in 2015.

Several months from now, both Marty and F.E.R.N. will look to drop solo albums, which are tentatively titled Social Club Presents: Marty and Social Club Presents: F.E.R.N.. The Miami-based duo began as solo acts, but they have now released music as a group for a few years.

“I remember clear as day when Marty and I made the decision over a telephone call,” Fern said. “‘Yo, you want to do a group together?’ It was such an egoless move when we both said, ‘Yeah, why not?’ and we were both in the middle of finishing or just dropping mixtapes.”

In late 2011, F.E.R.N. dropped the mixtape Ten Piece 2 and Marty When Darkness Falls.

“We had started the progression of solo artists,” F.E.R.N. said. “I know, especially me coming home from prison, being locked up for a thousand days, thinking I wanted to come home and rap and never thought about being in a group, to go into a group was probably the craziest thing probably for somebody else. But guess what: God knew what he was doing. It was the most effortless move I ever had to make. Look at where we are right now. At the end of the day, we come from the solo, and we still got time for that.”

Marty explained that both artists have their own voices that will come out more on solo efforts, to which different people will relate. He added that listeners should also expect different sounds.

“For me, my album won’t be a lot of rap,” Marty said. “I want to do more electronic, singing, weird, funky music. F.E.R.N. and I just want to create and be different. Sometimes we feel like music can be boring, so we got to make a weird song … We make music that we want to listen to.”

In addition to solo albums, Social Club also said it could put out a collaboration project with other artists near the end of 2015.

“We got some really cool people we want to collab with,” Marty said. We might even drop a collab album by the end of the year with all our favorite artists — people you don’t know and people you do know.”

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