A mother’s sixth-month social media campaign to persuade Andy Mineo to rap with her son has succeeded, reported Tulsa news station KJRH.

Kim Garrett crafted an abundance of signs reading #AskSethToRapAndy — Seth, being her 20-year-old son — and asked an abundance of people to hold them. She then took their picture and posted them on social media in an attempt to get Mineo’s attention.

Garrett wanted to show her son, an aspiring rapper, that anything was possible. The Bible verse Matthew 7:7 inspired her campaign efforts.

“Keep on asking, and you will be given what you ask,” the Tulsa news station said.

Mineo had never responded to Garrett’s campaign directly, but the Tulsa news station reached out to Mineo’s press agent, who agreed to let Seth rap alongside Mineo at the meet-and-greet when The Anomaly Tour stops in town on May 1.

Shortly after, Mineo confirmed the collaboration on Twitter.

Mineo has yet to confirm whether or not Seth will be featured on his upcoming album.