Collision Records announced details about Alex Faith and Dre Murray’s upcoming album, Southern Lights: Overexposed, on Tuesday.

Their collaborative effort will be released on April 28. Collision announced the news alongside the release of a lyric video for “Wake Up Music,” track No. 3 on the project. Here is the full tracklisting.

1. Overexposed (ft. Sean C. Johnson)
2. All Around the World (ft. Tragic Hero)
3. Wake Up Music (ft. Swoope)
4. I-285 (Interlude)
5. Money (ft. Reconcile)
6. City of Nightmares II (ft. Ada-L)
7. I-610 (Interlude)
8. Decatur Street Blues (ft. Corey Paul)
9. Forever
10. Takin’ Time (ft. Young Noah)

Pre-order Southern Lights: Overexposed on iTunes.

Which track are you most anticipating?