Lifetime premiered a movie about teenage prostitution on Saturday that features Social Club’s song “Loosing Sleep,” and the Miami-based rap group is excited about the opportunity to impact people who are typically out of its reach.

“It was surprising when Lifetime asked our publishing company for the song “Loosing Sleep” from our album Rejects,” Marty said. “We can’t wait until someone Shazams it and listens to the CD. Here’s the thing: You can’t put our God in a box. He will use every opportunity to reach people.”

The hook of “Loosing Sleep,” track No. 1 of Social Club’s EP, is played in a club scene.

Here is a synopsis of the film, which is titled Babysitter’s Black Book, from Lifetime’s official website: “When her parents’ financial problems threaten Ashley’s dreams for college, the high school whiz kid takes matters into her own hands. She and her girlfriends turn their babysitting business into a wildly successful escort service for dads. But in this small suburban community, nothing stays secret for long. Inspired by true stories.”

Spoiler alert: The film does not glorify prostitution, as police ultimately arrested everyone involved.

Comcast rated Babysitter’s Black Book for having “intense sexual situations,” “strong coarse language” and “intensely suggestive dialogue.”

“We believe God will use it for his glory,” Marty said. “If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have said yes to the opportunity.”

Marty said if fans are wary of the movie due to its graphicness, they need ask their parents whether or not they should watch it.

“I’m not your mom,” he said.