Social Club has released the tracklisting for its album US, which will drop on March 24.

The project begins in similar fashion to Social Club’s previous album, Misfits 2, with a snippet of a sermon from Pastor Chris Durso of Christ Tabernacle Church in New York City. Social Club will release its first two singles, “Sky Lanterns” and “Heavy Hand,” on Tuesday, Feb. 10.

1. Viva La Misfit (feat. Chris Durso)
2. Sky Lanterns (feat. Marissa Jerome)
3. Bad Advice
4. Heavy Hand
5. Us (feat. Rey King)
6. Cafe Con Leche (Mocha Joe’s Theme)
7. Pretty in Pink (feat. Skrip)
8. Listen to This When You Feel Tough
9. Carpe Diem
10. Martyrs
11. Benjamin Trillington (Pug Life Remix)

What song are you looking forward to the most?