Singer Sean C. Johnson has announced the release date, title and more for his upcoming album.

His project called Circa 1993 will drop on March 10. He explained its concept in a press release.

“When I was kid, I loved reading comic books,” Johnson said. “The issues I enjoyed the most were the ones that told a hero’s “origin story.” This album is my “origin Story.” While I’m no hero, I do have a story to tell, and my story was significantly affected by four events that happened in 1993: The death of my mother, falling in love with music, viewing pornographic material for the first time and giving my life to Christ.

“Each song on the album will be told through the lens of these four events and give listeners a peak into what shaped me.”

Here is the Circa 1993 tracklisting, as well as a brief explanation by Johnson of each individual song.


SIDE A – Past
1. Mountains
2. Nothing But A ‘G’ Thang
3. Melodies (From Heaven)
4. Redemption Song ft. Armond Wakeup & Adam L.
5. Never Knew Him

“SIDE A is set in 1993 and touches on dealing with the death of my mother (“Mountains”), falling in love with music, exploring my musical tastes (“Nothing But A ‘G’ Thang” and “Melodies”) and hearing the gospel for the first time (“Redemption Song” and “Never Knew Him”),” Johnson said.

SIDE B – Present
6. Mirror
7. No Flex Zone (Re-Imagined)
8. Made of Love (Charity)
9. Final Frontier
BONUS TRACK – Magic & Kareem

“If Side A is the cause, Side B is the effect and is set in the present,” Johnson said. “It explores me being aware of the many sins in my life (including pornography) and shows me maturing, growing and walking out my faith (“Mirror” & “No Flex Zone”). It also shows how pornography has warped my view of love now that I’m in a relationship (“Made of Love”). Lastly, the album concludes with me accepting my call to make God honoring music (“Final Frontier”).

“BONUS TRACK shows where I’m at currently as an independent artist and vents some of my frustrations.”