Humble Beast Records revealed the release date, cover, tracklisting and production credits of Eshon Burgundy’s album The Fear of God on Wednesday.

The Fear of God will be released on March 3. Though Humble Beast offers all of its projects for free, fans can pre-order The Fear of God on iTunes or Amazon.

Tracklisting & Production Credits

1. The Fear Of God (Produced by Street Orchestra & Wit)
2. Healthy (feat. Je’kob) (Produced by Beautiful Eulogy)
3. Blood Money (Produced by Daniel Steele)
4. Higher Learning (feat. Uncle Reece) (Produced by Daniel Steele)
5. Control Issues (Produced by Beautiful Eulogy & Daniel Steele)
6. Respect, Power & $ (feat. John Givez) (Produced by Daniel Steele)
7. The Fear Of The Lord (feat. Shai Linne) (Produced by Daniel Steele)
8. Come Alive (feat. J.R. & JGivens) (Produced by Wit & Swoope)
9. Certified Gold (Produced by Wit & Swoope)
10. Sand Castles (feat. Sean C. Johnson) (Produced by Daniel Steele)
11. Good Grief (feat. Liz Vice) (Produced by Beautiful Eulogy & Wit)
12. Retro Sonday (feat. Braille) (Produced by Daniel Steele & Beautiful Eulogy)
13. A Close Distance (feat. Lee Green) (Produced by Daniel Steele)