Humble Beast Records artist Eshon Burgundy broke down the symbolism on his album cover for The Fear of God on Instagram Friday.

“The crown and [skull] represent man assuming the role as king over his own life as he’s turning away from God to pursue sin,” Burgundy said. “Because one of the common motivators behind this kind of behavior is the love of money, the texture, style and fonts used on the cover resembles paper currency.

“The sword and bullet hanging from the necklace are indicative of the war that exists in the heart of man, especially one in the process of turning from light toward darkness. The album cover itself doesn’t display The Fear of God but rather the lack there of. This is my personal perspective on what [may be] occurring in mainstream society today and is my reason for writing this album. Where is The Fear of God?”

The Fear of God album cover was designed by Ohmega Watts. The album will be released on March 3. Fans can download it at on that date, or they can pre-order it on iTunes or Amazon.