Seeing a female in hip hop still comes as a shock to many individuals.

As few Christian hip-hop record labels as there are, even fewer exist with a female on its roster.

Although a minority, females are definitely making their mark in the hip-hop industry. Mediocrity is not a word that comes to mind as these girls bring witty lyricism, powerful delivery and a genuine heart to impact the world for Christ.

Here are five female hip-hop artists who feels readers should look out for in 2015. Despite their various backgrounds, they all have an identical goal – to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Ms. Melody Monroe

The Greensboro, N.C. native started her musical journey as a nine year old with a passion for lyrics and piano. Today, she still carries that passion. However, this musical gift comes along with a passion to tell the world about Christ.

Rapzilla: What sparked your artistry?

Ms. Melody Monroe: It all came at once at. At the age of nine, I began singing, rapping and playing the piano. I grew up in a musical household and I love all elements of music from producing to songwriting.

RZ: What is your mission as an artist?

MM: My mission as an artist is to meet people where they are and be very truthful about all subjects. I desire to inspire people to pursue the dreams that God has placed inside of their hearts. I want to lead people to God, help repair any broken worldviews concerning God and make an eternal impact.

RZ: Is it hard for you to be vulnerable on a song?

MM: I think being transparent and showing frailty is where the power is. I have an incredible story to tell and so, even if it’s uncomfortable to me personally, I focus on the end result of helping others know Christ.

RZ: Did you have any Christian influences growing up?

MM: My mother as well as my church family have been very encouraging since the beginning. It was my church family that encouraged me to pursue rapping actually, and I’m very appreciative that I got the opportunity to receive that support.

RZ: What should fans be on the lookout for musically?

MM: I am currently working on my first official album. The feel is very authentic. This past year has been full of ups and downs. Through this album I want to capture those moments and share it with the world. It will be an opportunity for people to see me holistically as an artist.

Follow Ms. Melody Monroe on Twitter @MsMelodyMonroe.

Angie Rose

New York native Angie Rose provides versatility, being both a rapper and singer. She is best known for her ability to freestyle.

Her first single “Wanna Be” was released last September with the help of Aktiv Beats and JahRock’n Productions.

Rapzilla: Are people shocked to hear you talk about Christ when you begin rapping?

Angie Rose: Yes, I see people’s face light up, and it comes as the biggest shock to them. The biggest question I get is “How do you rap without cursing?” Many people don’t even know that Christian rap exists.

RZ: What is your favorite part of being an artist?

AR: Seeing people’s reaction to the music and the impact that I can have is definitely my favorite part. I also enjoy the process of making music. During that process, I always discover new things about myself.

RZ: How did you get connected with JahRock’n Productions?

AR: I was invited to sing a feature on my friend’s mixtape and the word got out that I rapped. Edy Magic called in Chris Belmont and had me freestyle over some beats and, from there, we started working.

RZ: Did you always know music was for you?

AR: Honestly, no. I just gave it to God and said, “Whatever door you open, I’ll run through it,” and the next week I was in JahRock’n Studios.

RZ: When did you get serious with your walk with Christ?

AR: I fell away for about three years living an extremely reckless lifestyle, and then, one day, God literally snatched me out of my mess. I was simply in my room playing the piano and I felt God’s love right there. It broke me because, for the first time, I felt him love me and I knew it had nothing to do with what I had done. Everything I had done in the past didn’t matter, and from that day I knew God was it. I felt an unconditional love that encouraged me to do great things.

RZ: Do you have any upcoming projects?

AR: Yes, I recently started production for an EP. It’s looking really introspective. I’m examining my current state of mind and ideals.

Follow Angie Rose on Twitter @IamAngieRose.


Los Angeles native Torch is one half of the hip-hop group Blood Ransom and a member of the kingdom-based collective Heavenly Rockstar International. Beleaf of Kings Dream featured her on the song “Wings” off his 2014 album Red Pills + Black Sugar.

Rapzilla: How did you come up with the name Torch?

Torch: One day while listening to a song titled “Daylight,” the word “Torch” just came to me. After looking up the definition, I realized that it was everything that I wanted to embody. A torch represents victory. It lights the way, guides others and exposes darkness. After thinking deeply on that, I realized that Torch was for me.

RZ: What is your mission as an artist?

T: My mission is to inform, transform and inspire. I want to inspire the generation of people who are saturated with worldly desires and seem to not really care to know much about God. I want to reach people who don’t really know that they need God.

RZ: Do you have any upcoming projects?

T: Yes I do, I’m currently working on a project titled To Whom It May Concern. It has a letter feel to it. It’s very personal yet relatable.

RZ: What has the Lord been teaching you during the creation process of your project To Whom it May Concern?

T: The Lord really taught me the importance of discipline, being obedient and listening to him. Rather than caring about what others’ opinions were, I needed to follow Christ.

I came out of a situation where I was basically shunned for telling the truth about what Christ was revealing to me. During that time, all I had was God. I had to choose Christ or superficial popularity.

Follow Torch on Twitter @light_the_TORCH.


Florida-based emcee Sicily is the owner of Run with Zeal Records and is determined to leave a footprint on culture. She won’s first annual Beat Battle at Flavor Fest.

Rapzilla: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Sicily: Yes I do. I am currently working on my solo album that I’m looking to put out later this year. The inspiration is piggybacking off of me as a person and my issues that I’m currently dealing with. It displays that I’m a person with flaws that needs Jesus just as much as anybody else.

RZ: What does the writing process look like for you?

S: The biggest thing I do is not worry about what anyone is going to think and simply write from my heart. I try to think about how any song I write is going to affect others.

RZ: How did you encounter Christ?

S: I was going through a lot of stress and depression and my friend invited me to go to church. After years of rejecting, I gave the her the ultimatum that I would go with her one time. After attending I was fortunate enough to hear the gospel, and I began see myself change to be more like Christ.

RZ: What is the hardest part of being a hip-hop artist?

S: I would say the hardest part is making sure I’m not doing music to please people.

RZ: Whats the weirdest thing that has happened to you as an artist?

S: One time after show, I was informed that a fan really wanted to meet me. Once they brought her to me, I got to see that she was over the age of 70! I definitely was not expecting hip hop to be appealing to her generation.

Follow Sicily on Twitter @SicilyRWZ.

Eden Myrrh

Based out of South Africa, Eden Myrrh is both a singer and producer. She was featured on Skrip’s song “Come With Me” last summer and “A Better Way” on his upcoming album Renegades Never Die.

Rapzilla: What is your favorite part of being an artist?

Eden Myrrh: I love the creative process and putting things together. I have been honing in on my production skills lately. I’m actually the producer for the entirety of my upcoming mixtape. I arranged, song wrote and produced myself.

RZ: How did you get involved with songwriting?

EM: I’ve always wanted to have a publishing business, and so I started writing music for my cousin as well as my church. Over time, people began to ask me to write songs for them and I never stopped. I love it.

RZ: What has been the hardest part of your career so far?

EM: Honestly, being a female has been the hardest part. I’ve come across many people who don’t want to teach me, respect me or acknowledge my gift simply because of my gender. I feel like it has pushed me to learn my craft and be diligent in order to shift their mindset.

RZ: What has been the most memorable moment of your career?

EM: Finally going solo is definitely my most memorable moment. I was part of a hip-hop duo for many years and leaving that to pursue my own personal style was definitely memorable. It pushed me to totally rely on God and trust Him for my future.

RZ: What is your mission as an artist?

EM: I’m all about dreaming bigger. Dare to dream. I really want people to connect with God. I believe that when you connect with God, he starts to give you different dreams and aspirations. I believe that when you partner with the Holy Spirit, he gives you dreams that can accomplish things that are greater than you could ever imagine.

RZ: Do you have any upcoming projects?

EM: I have a single that I will be releasing in the next few weeks, and I’m also working on my first mixtape that I will release during the first quarter of the year. The mixtape is part one of a series called Chronicles of a Dreamer. I have literally been working on this for years. It’s quite cinematic and very different from what others have been putting out lately. Expect all genres: a lot of funk, hip hop and classical.

Follow Eden Myrrh on Twitter @Eden_myrrh.