Home Features Story Undefeated boxer Travell Mazion to walk out to Christian hip-hop song

Undefeated boxer Travell Mazion to walk out to Christian hip-hop song

Undefeated boxer Travell Mazion to walk out to Christian hip-hop song

Travell Mazion, a welterweight boxer signed to Golden Boy Promotions, which formerly promoted Floyd Mayweather, Jr., will walk to the ring on Monday night to a Christian hip-hop song, “Winning” by 5ive featuring Dre Murray and Corey Paul.

“This is the perfect song for me to walk out to,” Mazion said after he heard “Winning” playing in his Uncle Vince Puente’s car. “I just listen to that song every day because I want to win so badly and, with Jesus on my side, anything’s possible.”

Mazion, 19, will fight Nestor Rosas on Jan. 26. at Cowboys Dancehall in San Antonio, Texas. The fight will be nationally televised on FOX Sports 1, which will air the event at 10 p.m. ET. 5ive will escort Mazion, who boasts a 9-0 record with nine knockouts, into the ring.

“This is awesome, man, just to be able to share Jesus on a platform like that,” 5ive said. “Not a lot of that going on in the boxing world that I’ve seen.”

Mazion has a similar story to UFC fighter Nate Marquardt, who Rapzilla covered last year when he walked out to “Come Alive” by the 116 Clique. An extreme diet had made Marquardt miserable, and the 6’2″ Mazion, who will fight on Monday at 147 pounds, feels significantly healthier today than when his previous training regiment had dropped him to 135.

“Before I got saved, I was never happy,” Mazion said, which his training contributed toward. “I was always in a depressing mood, always doubting myself.”

Mazion became a Christian at an event with his youth group last year. Since then, he and his iPod have changed drastically.

“When he came back, he was just on fire for the Lord,” Puente said. “He became a sponge, trying to get a hold of all the Christian rap music he could.”

Update: Mazion’s next fight will now come at a later date because his designated opponent for Monday weighed in overweight.

Update: 5ive will finally walk out with Mazion to “Winning” on Thursday, March 12 when the boxer fights at San Antonio’s Freeman Coliseum on HBO Latino.


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