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SPZRKT (Xavier Omär) writes open letter to ‘break up’ with Christian Hip-Hop

SPZRKT (Xavier Omär) writes open letter to ‘break up’ with Christian Hip-Hop

SPZRKT now known as Xavier Omär, a singer signed to STRT TRBL, announced on Friday that he’s “breaking up” with Christian hip hop.

Below is his unedited open letter. Rapzilla will continue to cover SPZRKT.

To The CHH Community

(if ya don’t know what CHH is then this isn’t for you)

It makes sense, the reason the community views me as being one of them. Because, I have been. Whether it was in 2009 with Movement Of Truth, or 2012 when I began my venture as a solo artist. Rapzilla, Da South/Jam The Hype, NewH20, these are my homes. They placed me in front of an audience I did not have available to myself. I made friends in music and built a musical reputation because of these sites. Heck, Sango found me on Rapzilla. This community has been home.

If theres one thing I can say to the CHH community it would be, thank you. You all have been amazing to me. But there’s something else I would like to say as well. It’s not a shocker, but I still ask for your understanding.

I share your belief, but I do not belong to you. I share your heart for Jesus, but I am not YOUR artist, I am AN artist. My goal is not to build a genre, my goal is to build the people. No one genre and no one community owns me as an artist, because I am for everyone. All people of all creeds and cultures. They are in places where my message is not, but should be.

I am NOT above anyone. What CHH has done and is doing is awesome. My artist friends are flourishing in it. Its not that I don’t belong there, its that what I am set to do doesn’t only belong there. If it sounds like I’m breaking up with CHH, I am. Musically, its time for me to be “single” and free to choose where I want to take this content. To any event and any venue, coffee shop, church, club, or festival.

Whether I lose your support or not, I appreciate and thank you for the past support and love shown. My content will expand, but the heart of it will not change. My new writings will continue to empower and encourage, while not forgetting whose I am, as well as being honest. I hope you stick around for it!

✌love you guys,

– rocket!

Source: Tumblr

Xavier Omär


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