Social Club’s single “Cops” has become a theme song for skaters to feed cops pizza, virtually.

On Friday, the Miami-based rap group launched a game app called Pizza Party Tour, which is available on Google play for free on Android and iPhone. Inspired by the lead single of its Misfits 2 album, fans can skateboard the South Beach streets as Martymar or F.E.R.N. dodging cops, pot holes and road blocks, all while attempting to throw pizza at as many hungry cops as possible to the sound of “Cops.”

“I think it’s hilarious,” Martymar told Rapzilla. “I love this game. My mom was playing it the other day. She’s like, “I’m really bad at it!” I’m like, “I’m sorry mom. There’s no cheat codes. I didn’t invent a little cheat code to skateboard as a pug.”

James Rauhut, Patricia Humphries and Navin Ratnayake, students at the University of Texas, designed the game for a class project and asked Martymar and F.E.R.N. if they were interested in seeing a trailer. They were, and they enjoyed the prototype enough to encourage the students, who Martymar repeatedly called genius, to develop the game.

Other features that Social Club fans will recognize include “Coogi Sweater” invincibility, unlimited pizza feature an unlockable Andy Mineo at 30,000 points and Sir Pugglesworth at 60,000. The group’s signature “Social Club is the best” tag also plays every time a cop is fed.

Martymar said his father voiced concern over whether throwing pizza at cops would be offensive. The hip-hop artist hopes it’s not. He sent the app to his uncle in law enforcement for feedback.

“At the end of the day, we’re not saying we don’t love cops,” Martymar said. “We love cops. I love the fact that a good cop will protect us. Our hearts are for people no matter what you do and who you are.”

Social Club paid for the app to be launched on Google play to give back to its movement, the Misfits.

Misfits 2 is almost a year old,” Martymar said. “So many people have supported us in concerts, and so many people have supported us in buying the album, loving us, buying clothes and supporting Social Club that, we could’ve charged for it, but I said, ‘There’s no point. Let’s bless everybody with an app just to show how much we love them.’ We’re thankful for the misfits.

“We started giving out free music. It was never to really make money off it, but over time, we got booked so much and so many people supported us, we’ve been able to do more because now we’re getting paid to what we have been doing for years. And now because we can do that, we can give away more free stuff, so it’s cool how it comes back in a cycle.”

Martymar explained that Social Club sees the app as the final chapter of Misfits 2 as the album nears a year in age and they prepare for another in a couple months.

“The new album is nothing like [Misfits 2],” Martymar said. “The new album is more of who we are. Everybody in their life, they evolve. This new album, we don’t talk about pizza parties. The pug is kind of like our logo, but we’re evolving. We’re getting older. Our audience is getting older, so this is cool to close out that chapter so we can enter into a new chapter of just even more craziness.”

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