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1. trillie. (prod. by KIDD)
2. law ‘n order. (prod. by KIDD)
3. anti-trap. (prod. by Swade)
4. soul 2. ft. Mogli the Iceburg (prod. by Mogli the Iceburg)
5. pot of gold. ft. Exum (prod. by L.A. Chase)
6. dystopia. (prod. by KIDD)
7. impossible. ft. Roz & B. Cooper (prod. by KIDD)
8. beauty. ft. Chad Jones (prod. by Flash Beats and Branshua)
9. since. ft. Tyler Evanston Moore (prod. by Blu)
10. church. ft. Zachary Frazier (prod. by Flash Beats)
11. stand. ft. Ashton Streifert (prod. by Branshua)
12. casket. (prod. by Mogli the Iceburg)

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